Home of James Ingram/Jesse & Mary Wert

This 1,500-square-foot house is a classic bungalow, with a hipped roof, wide front porch with center doorway, and attic dormer located in the center of the roof.

The property, like all the Dean Park homes on the southerly side of Michigan Avenue, is part of Evans Addition, a subdivision plat recorded by Mayor James Evans, first in Key West (which was originally the county seat for Fort Myers when it was part of Monroe County), then in 1905 with the Lee County Clerk.  In 1913, The Carl F. Roberts Company purchased 46 of the Evans Addition lots, including this parcel and all other lots in Dean Park on the southerly side of Michigan Avenue.

On February 16, 1928, George W. Ingersoll and Kathleen Ingersoll purchased this double lot in Evans Addition for $2,500 from the Roberts Company.  The Ingersolls, who were residents of upstate New York, retained the vacant parcel as an investment and eventually sold it in 1942 to Elizabeth (Bettye) Felton, who lived across the street. at 2647 Michigan.  Miss Felton also bought the house next door to her at 2645 — a house built in 1922 by James H. Ingram, clerk of the nearby Grocerteria.

On April 9, 1942, Miss Felton recorded the deeds to both properties (2645 and 2658 Michigan) and began her plan to move the 1922 house from one site to another.  Her plan was complete when she sold 2658 Michigan — with its “new” 1922 house — to Jesse and Mary Wert on July 21, 1943.  Mr. Wert was chief engineer of the Prather Launder for many years, and this cozy bungalow would be home to the Werts and their three children for the next 17 years.

Other address:  115 Michigan Avenue; Evans Addition, Block 2, Lots 17 & 19