2675 Michigan Avenue

Home of Harry C. Stucky & Ellen Stucky

This one-story bungalow at the corner Michigan and Cranford Avenue was the first of two homes in Dean Park owned by Harry C. Stucky and his wife, Ellen Mary Stucky.  Mr. Stucky was a prominent Fort Myers businessman for many years and a partner of the furniture firm Robb & Stucky.  The Stuckys moved into this new bungalow in 1920 and, as Mr. Stucky’s business prospered, they decided to move into a larger home in Dean Park at 2644 Providence Street.

On March 5, 1917, Dean Development Company sold this parcel to Frederick E. Trapp of Lee County for $1,400, subject to a building restriction that a single-family home costing at least $2,000 be constructed on the parcel.  But Mr. Trapp did not construct anything on the property and instead sold it to Mr. Stucky.  On November 26, 1923, the Stuckys sold the home to Richard J. McGuire and his wife, Margaret, who made this bungalow their home until 1947.

The Stuckys also sold the McGuires all the furniture located in the house, and the Bill of Sale recorded on the land records provides a perfect record, room by room, of what a well-furnished house in 1923 might include:

Front room:  day bed with bolster, two small rockers, desk and desk chair, rug, shades, draperies, waste paper basket.

            Living room:  shades, draperies, rug, table, settee, rocker, chair, fire screen, floor lamp.

            Room back of living room:  rocker, chair, rug, shades, draperies, folding screen, muffin stand, table, four chairs.

            Middle bed room:  bed, box spring, mattress, rug, vanity dresser, chiffonier, shades, drapes, round table.

            Back bedroom:  Bed, box spring, mattress, vanity dresser, chiffonette, shades, drapes, rug.

            Bath:  Mirror, table, shades, drapes

            Kitchen:  Stove, cabinet, hot water heater tank, rug

            Pantry:  refrigerator, table

Back porch:  porch shades, rug, fern box in house

            Front porch:  swing, table, 3 rockers

            Other:  all awnings on house, ferns on porch, garden tools, lawn mower, hose, fire place wood.

Earlier addresses:  1051 Michigan until 1926; 102 Michigan until 1955; Dean’s Subdivision, Block G, Lot 13 and east 6 feet of Lot 12