1. Board Members present:  Ann Martindale, John Podczerwinsky, Anthony D’Andrea, Jordan Parrott, Donna Ellswick, Michael Wheatley.

2. Approval of minutes of meeting of November 23, 2015, as modified.

3.Treasurer’s Report (see attached report).  Treasurer stipulates as to a current balance of 45,20911 of which $1,445 was raised to date in 2016.

4. Report of Committee for Historic Preservation.  The Committee Chair reports that there has been little advancement in the new guidelines for the HPC due to budget constraints by the City of Fort Myers.  He also reported that the possible new signage for the Dean Park District was in study by the committee, but no final design plans were yet completed.  The design for the proposed new auxiliary building at 1525 Palm Avenue has been modified, the location pushed further toward the rear of the site and the roof line modified more to the like of the HPC.

5. Nominating Committee.  There is a vacancy on the Board of Directors, and Ann nominated Caitlyn Eck to that position.  The Board unanimously approved this nominee.

6. The Dean Park web site is up and operating and can be accessed at deanpark.org.

7. The next meeting to be May 11, 2016.

8. Adjourned meeting at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Michael Wheatley, Secretary