Minutes of Board Meeting – April 4, 2018

Present:  Caitlyn Eck, Sheila Pastor, Ann Martindale, Terry Leary, John Podczerwinksy, Jordan Parrot
Absent:  Brad McGrath, and Anthony D’Andrea
Guests: Ken Nimmer, Artis Henderson, Laurie Starke, Barry Starke, Sheila Pastor, Donna Ellswick, Erik Shaum

1. Call to Order by the President – Caitlyn Eck.

2. Approval of minutes of meeting of last meeting (March 5, 2018). Ann called for approval of the minutes, and it was seconded. The minutes were approved.

3. President’s Report. Caitie said, “We had a house tour, and it was great.”

4. Treasurer’s Report. Ann provided a Treasurer’s report showing a current balance of $12,185.28. She will send out a second fundraising letter.

5. Report on Historic Preservation Commission.
a. Status of new Historic District Guidelines & Regulations. John said he has not yet seen the revised historic district guidelines. There was an extended discussion about possible issues: vinyl fences vs. wood fences, windows, landscaping and driveways.
b. A public hearing on the new guidelines may occur at the HPC meeting on 4 pm, Thursday, April 26th.

6. Old Business.
a. House Tour — Final Report. Event co-chairs Sheila Pastor and Laurie Starke gave a final report on the Dean Park Historic House Tour of March 24, 2018: Total money taken in $12,825.08; expenses $2,586.96; and net proceeds $10,238.12. Total number of tickets sold 571. Discussion of the next tour for two years from now. A lot of people to thank, including six homeowners, 50 volunteers, website that Ann created and the fact that it enabled pre-ticket sales (330 bought online before the day of the event). Thanks to Michelle and her husband for the tents. There was great publicity (News-Press article, news releases to 20-30 outlets including WGCU, Florida Weekly, Naples Daily News and the News-Press’ events section), more than 100 flyers and posters around Fort Myers and Naples, a great group of people who didn’t complain about waiting in line. A lot of factors came together beautifully.

b. Report on TRG-Pekol, LLC Property at 2610 Providence Street. Ann said, “That was a bust.” She noted that several residents spent a lot of time trying to convince the city to have the property remain owner-occupied workforce housing, but the city ignored that request and sold the property to a group affiliated with the Oasis developer. The new owners say they’re going to fix it up, but speculation says they’re going to flip it.

c. Bar-B-Q & Blues Event – April 14, 2018, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Jordan’s dad will be the musical entertainment. Discussion about auctioning/raffling off old Dean Park Historic District signs. Ann suggested just auctioning off two this year. Ann wants to sell hats at the BBQ for a $20 donation. Everyone brings a side dish. We’ll have to rent a grill for $100. Ann and Donna will buy hotdogs, hamburgers, condiments and charcoal. There are leftover plates and cups from other events. John Pastor and Steve Jacobs will do the grilling. People can bring yard games — Jordan (corn hole), Artis (bocce). Caitie suggested that we name a committee for next year’s BBQ.

d. Update on Billy’s Creek Pollution. Caitie said she is wary of the information that the Caloosa Water Keeper brought to the group. “There’s a lot at play with that particular water body — and all of our water bodies — that in my educated opinion Caloosa Water Keepers doesn’t take into account.” She said. Ken Nimmer reported that he led a tour to the wastewater treatment plant to better understand the wastewater workings of the area. Ann moved that we create a Billy’s Creek committee to be chaired by Ken to keep us informed on Billy’s Creek matters. The motion was seconded and approved.

e. Advisory Committee on Downtown-Midtown Plan. Ann said the City is hosting a presentation on Midtown development 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 5, at St. Francis Xavier Church, 2050 Heitman Street. It is open to the pubic.

7. New Business.
a. House Tour Proceeds. There was an extended discussion on what to do with the house tour proceeds. John Podczerwinski presented, on behalf of Terry Leary, the suggestion of $300-$500 per home to each of the participants on the tour. The board members present declined this idea. A question to be asked is what does the neighborhood need? Barry suggested that street trees make a difference in the character of a neighborhood, but perhaps this is the responsibility of the city. Barry suggested using it as seed money to have the city come in and do something that makes a difference, something for community identity. Perhaps an art deco gazebo in the park. John suggested plaques for historically significant houses in the neighborhood. Jordan suggested a self-guided tour of Dean Park app. Barry suggested
historic interpretation in the pavement of the park (like a map). Jordan suggested putting aside money for a land use planner or an attorney ($2,500 or so). Caitie suggested the topic will stay on the agenda as “community initiatives.”
b. Election of Artis Henderson. Artis Henderson, currently serving as Secretary, was nominated to the Board to replace Anthony D’Andrea, who has informed the Board of his resignation. A vote was taken, and Artis was admitted to the board.

8. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Artis Henderson Secretary