Present: Caitlin Eck, Donna Ellswick, Sheila Pastor, Ann Martindale, Terry Leary, Jordan Parrott, John Podczerwinsky
Absent: Brad McGrath and Anthony D’Andrea
Guests: Michelle Nugent, Tom Palazzo, Rick TK, Penny TK, Paul Burnett, Janice Burnett, Will TK, City Attorney Terry Cramer, Community Development Director Steven Belden and others.

1. Discussion of property at 2610 Providence Street. City Attorney Terry Cramer and Community Development Director Steven Helden discussed the status of the apartment building property at 2610 Providence Street, which was designated affordable housing under an agreement between the City and the developers of the Oasis PUD. The successor developer wishes to renegotiate the PUD agreement and the City requested input from Dean Park residents on the future use of the property. Many options for the property were discussed, and there was significant interest in converting the property to 5 condominium units, rather than having 10 small rental units. The Board agreed to invite the City Attorney back to the next Dean Park Board meeting for an update.

2. Report of the Nomination Committee. Ann made the report of the Nominating Committee as follows: For the Board of Directors: Anthony D’Andrea, Caitlin Eck, Donna Ellswick, Terry Leary, Ann Martindale, Brad McGrath, Jordan Parrot, Sheila Pastor, John Podczerwinsky. As officers: Caitlin Eck-President, Sheila Pastor-Vice President, and Ann Martindale-Treasurer. Honorary Directors who make contributions to the Board but do not vote: Pearl Moulton, Kerry Bristol, Michelle Nugent, Tom Veal.

3. Additional Nominations. Artis Henderson indicated she would be willing to serve as Secretary. Because there is not currently an open position on the Board, she will serve as Secretary but not on the Board unless one of the seats on the Board is vacated.

4. Election of Board Members. The existing Board unanimously elected the following individuals to the Board of Directors, to serve until the next annual meeting: Anthony D’Andrea, Caitlin Eck, Donna Ellswick, Terry Leary, Ann Martindale, Brad McGrath, Jordan Parrot, Sheila Pastor, John Podczerwinsky.

5. Election of Officers. The new Board members unanimously elected the following officers:
Caitlin Eck– President
Sheila Pastor– Vice President
Artis Henderson– Secretary
Ann Martindale – Treasurer

6. Approval of Minutes from the November 18, 2017 Board Meeting. Ann suggested that a list of who attended the meeting be included. She also requested that item 2A be clarified with more information and advised that she has spent funds to have the malware removed from the website and moved to a more secure server. The date of the House Tour (see below) was confirmed. Ann made the request to delete the sentence “The code as it has been written is way too conservative,” stating that opinions should be deleted from the minutes. A discussion ensued about Ken Nimmer’s request to amend a mistyping in the minutes around a climate change symposium that he attended. After much debate, Caitlyn move that the HOA purchase a tape record to record minutes and Ann said that she will revise the minutes and send them out one more time before she puts them up on the website.

7. President’s Report. There was no President’s report.

8. Treasurer’s Report. Ann provided the attached Treasurer’s Report. The report showed income of $2,090.00 from 36 donors and expenses of $1,271.71 for fiscal year Sept. 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017, and the balance in the corporation’s checking account as $6,051.32 at the end of the past fiscal year and as of the date of this meeting.

9. Old Business.
a. Dean Park signs. John Podczerwinsky reported that the estimate for 6 signs is $2,987.72 including installation. He pointed out that the estimate is for 6 signs, but we only have 5 poles. A motion was moved and seconded to approve a quote for another pole. The maximum amount for the 6th pole was set at $500.

b. House Tour — March 24, 2018. Sheila Pastor announced the current line-up of homes on the House Tour: 2721 Rhode Island, 2740 Providence, 2622 Michigan, 1525 Palm, 2759 Michigan, 2770 Rhode Island. The tour is scheduled for Saturday, March 24, with a rain date of Sunday, March 25. Sheila said the event will need volunteers from the neighborhood and anyone is welcome to give his or her input. Suggestions for getting the neighborhood ready included calling Lee County park maintenance and requesting a high school volunteer group. In the budget, Ann proposed $1,000 to go toward House Tour expenses. She anticipates making $5,000.

c. Status of Proposed Comprehensive Plan & “Advisory Committee”. Ann reported that the appointment of the Advisory Committee has effectively slowed down the City Council’s adoption of the proposed Comprehensive Plan so that more community input can be gathered. The next Advisory Committee meeting is likely to be scheduled for January.

d. Caitlyn has taken over the lead from Kerry Bristol.

e. Ann has posted information about every house in Dean Park on the site. If owners would like to update the photo of their house on the website, they can submit a new photo to Ann. In the future, Ann would like the website to include maps and a way to purchase tickets for the House Tour. Jordan and Will said they would get proposals from developers to add those features.

f. Little Free Library. Caitlyn proposed that a Little Free Library be installed in the Dean Park triangle. It was moved and seconded that $300 be added to the budget for a Little Free Library.

10. New Business.
a. TRG-Pekol, LLC Property at 2610 Providence Street. Discussed at length. See agenda item 1.

b. Community Maintenance Issues. A motion was made and seconded to ask Johnny Streets to underwrite a safe working electrical system for the triangle. Ann volunteered to contact the city about cleaning up the alleyways. Donna will be in charge of contacting the city about replacing the palm trees that have died or been damaged as well as the electrical issues in the triangle. A proposal was made to assemble a team of volunteer high school students to clean up the alleyways.

c. Other New Business. Sheila Pastor proposed starting a book club.

d. Adoption of 2017-2018 Budget. Proposed budget attached. Ann estimated income at $7,000 ($5,000 from the house tour and $2,000 from donations) and expenses at $6.633.94 with big expenditures for the signs, the website upgrade and the Little Free Library.

e. Set Next Meeting Date. The next meeting is set for January 13 with plans to meet once a month until the House Tour in March.

11. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Artis Henderson