Minutes of January 18, 2021 – held via ZOOM

Present:   Michelle Nugent,  Ann Martindale, Donna Ellswick and Sheila Pastor (not a quorum)

Absent: Rick Janis, Terry Leary, Brad McGrath, Caitlin Eck

Guests:  Sarah Keilty, Cathryn Eck, Gary Eck, Sarah Goldstein, Judith Andrews

 1.  President’s Report – Michelle reported that preparation for changes in traffic direction of First and Second Avenue are underway. Bids are being solicited and reviewed now, and construction should be underway in the fall.  She noted that Holiday Triangle decorations were beautiful. She thanked all that contributed.  She noted that the Holiday Stroll was a big success and thanked all who planned it.

2.  Approval of Minutes of Meeting of Last Meeting (Nov. 18, 2020). Due to the absence of a quorum, approval of the minutes was postponed to the next meeting.

3.  Treasurer’s Report – Ann provided a treasurer’s report with the following information for the current fiscal year (Sept. 1, 2020 – August 31, 2021): Donations:  $1,775 from 20 donors; expenses of $3629.24; refunds of $1,050 to sponsors of the 2020 House Tour (cancelled due to the coronavirus).  Major expenditures were for the Triangle holiday decorations and the Holiday Stroll brochure and new kiosk located on the Triangle.

4.  Report of Historic Preservation Commission Representative – No report

5.  Report on first Meeting of Beautification Committee – Paul Barnett is the newly appointed chairman of this committee. He announced that the purpose of the committee is to improve the appearance of Dean Park.   He would like to request from the City an upgrade to the Triangle and that new Royal Palms to be placed on Evans, Cranford and Palm Avenue.  He added that a walk through the neighborhood with committee members will determine the exact number needed.  Paul said a meeting with Johnny Streets, and appropriate City department representatives has been requested. Paul, Ann and Michelle will attend the meeting.

6.  Ann reviewed a letter to Dean Park Residents announcing the formation of this committee and its goals and requesting their input.  Ann will send this letter, signed by Donna Ellswick, to all Dean Park residents.

7.  Sara Goldstein announced that she is researching a grant by the Florida Wildflower Association that may be able to help finance an upgrade to the triangle or to help purchase some Royal Palms.

8.  Old Business

a. 100th Anniversary Holiday Stroll – Ann said there was an excellent response to this event, with nearly 900 maps being taken from the box on the Triangle.    The map will be reprinted and tours without a holiday designation will continue throughout the year.

b.  Other Dean Park Events – None planned for now, due to Covid pandemic.

9.  New Business

a.  Sarah Keiltz reported that, for an extended period of time, there has been a great deal of mud in the alley behind her home. She asked if the City might take responsibility for correcting this.  Ann said she would bring it up in her meeting with the City.

b.  Cathryn and Gary Eck talked about the high amount of traffic and speed of these vehicles on Providence Street during the year long construction project on Evans Street. They hope things will improve now that the construction has been completed.

c.  Adoption of Budget for 2020-2021. Consideration of the 2020-21 budget was postponed to the next meeting due to lack of a quorum.

10.  Next meeting is set for March 10, 2021 at 7:00pm via ZOOM.

11.  Adjournment

Respectfully submitted by Sheila Pastor, Vice President