Minutes of March 11, 2021 – Via Zoom

Board of Directors:  Caitlin Eck, Donna Ellswick, Artis Henderson, Rick Janis, Terry Leary, Ann Martindale, Brad McGrath, Michelle Nugent and Sheila Pastor

Present: Bob Andrews, Judith Andrews, Paul Barnett, Donna Ellswick, Sara Goldstein, Artis Henderson, Rick Janis, Ann Martindale, Joshua Noom, Sheila Pastor, Lauren Starke

  1. Call to Order by the President – Sheila Pastor is serving for Michelle Nugent this meeting
  2. Approval of Minutesof last two meetings (Nov. 18, 2020, Jan. 13, 2021) – Approved
  3. President’s Report– No report this meeting
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Ann Martindale

Expenses for FY 2020-2021:  $4,489.05 (holiday decorations, tour brochures, admin.)

Income for FY 2020-2021: $1,925 donations from 23 donors

Checking account balance: $604.64

Savings account balance: $4,009.20

PayPal account balance:  $300.70

Total funds:  $4,914.54

  1. Report of Historic Preservation Commission Representative – No report
  2. Report of Beautification Committee– Paul Barnett (a)  Additional palm trees: the city is working toward adding more palm trees; we’re waiting to hear their offer for how much Dean Park will have to pay; we may need a fundraiser to help with funding the trees over the years.  (b) Triangle replanting: the city has rehabbed the Triangle and planted more bushes.  (c) New Park on 1.8-acre parcel at Michigan & Seaboard: right now the city says they’re not going to do anything until the streets are two-way; they need the parcel as a staging ground for equipment while they work on the roads; they might eventually plant more trees; Dean Park’s goal is to stay involved.  (d) Alley maintenance: Johnny Streets brought it up at the meeting with the city, saying he’s received complaints about the alleys; the city said they believe the owners are in charge of maintaining the alleyways; Ann will research the legal rights behind it; her goal is to get the city to accept some role in maintaining them (e) Other projects & issues: Ann will send a thank you email to all the city officials involved, including the city manager
  3. Old Business: (a) Walking tour: Ann sent out a PR announcement saying the self-guided walking tour will be year-round; she has updated the brochure and removed “holiday stroll.”  (b) BBQ & Blues event for April or May: People welcomed the idea of gathering, for those who feel comfortable; Artis will reach out to Caitie Eck about the safety of the gathering and will send an update and a proposed date to the board. (c) Construction project on First and Second Streets: This is proposed for the summer, to be completed by Christmas.
  4. Adoption of Budget for 2020-2021 – Adopted
  5. New Business:  (a) Fundraising: Sheila says the house tour will still happen; further discussion is needed on a date; the publicity for the tour will say that funds will go to planting new palm trees.  (b) Palm fundraising: We’ll discuss the possibility of a fundraiser tied to palm trees
  6. Set next meeting date: April 8, 2021
  7. Adjournment