Present: Board members: President Donna Ellswick, Treasurer Ann Martindale, Anthony D’Andrea, John Podczerwinsky and Michael Wheatley. Dean Park residents: Will Burke, Sarah Goldstein, Ken Nimmer, Sheila Pastor, Laurie Starke, Tanya Swindler.

1. Call to Order. President Donna Ellswick called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

2. Approval of Minutes. The minutes of the Board meeting of January 25, 2017, were unanimously approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report. Ann Martindale reported that $1,695.00 in donations has been received to date in this fiscal year (September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2017) from 27 donors. Expenses to date during this fiscal year are $280.97. The Dean Park checking account balance today is $6,551.67.

4. Old Business

a. Bar-B-Q and Blues Party. The annual Bar-B-Q and Blues party has been set for the afternoon of Saturday, April 22, pending confirmation with George Mitchell that his group is available on that date. Anthony D’Andrea is chair of the event, which will be held 3 pm – 7 pm, Saturday, April 22, at the home of Donna Ellswick and Tom Palazzo. April 23rd is the rain date.

b. Report of the Sign Committee. John Podczerwinsky reported that he was working on a community survey about the Dean Park signs, in hopes of reaching a consensus about a plan for the new signs. The Board voted unanimously to allocate $100 for purchase of a license for a type font license (the same type font that is used on the, our web site).

c. Proposed Amendments to Fort Myers Zoning Regulations and Comprehensive Plan. Donna Ellswick and Ann Martindale reported on developments concerning the proposed amendments to the City Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Regulations. These amendments permit increased building height and building density (dwelling units permitted per acre) within and near Dean Park.

The next meeting on these matters is the Historic Preservation Commission meeting at 4 pm, Thursday, March 23, when changes to the Zoning Regulations will be discussed. Ann Martindale reviewed a letter she prepared to the HPC for its consideration at this meeting. Donna Ellswick reported that the City Council may vote on the Comprehensive Plan at its upcoming meeting at 2 pm, April 3 (to be confirmed). She stated that she attending a meeting of a group of citizens that want the City Council to delay enactment of all these amendments, pending more study and input from the community. The consensus of the Board was to keep Dean Park residents informed about these matters, to focus on matters directly affecting Dean Park at the upcoming HPC meeting, and to urge attendance at upcoming City Council meetings.

d. 2018 House Tour. Sheila Pastor and Laurie Starke agreed to co-chair a Dean Park house tour to be held in March 2018. Other members of the House Tour Committee include Arvis Henderson, Michael Wheatley and Jordan Parrott. Terry Leary has resigned as chair of this Committee due to personal commitments. Arvis also reported (via email) that “American Bungalow” magazine declined her “pitches” to them about a story on Dean Park.

e. Stewardship Committee. Discussion postponed.

f. Dean Park Website. Ann Martindale reported that a summary of “Rules and Regulations,” prepared after the Board’s January 25th meeting with City Chief Code Enforcement Manager Michael Titmuss, has been posted on the “About” page of the website,

5. New Business.

a. Community Garden. Discussion postponed. This was proposed by Marlene Robinson, who will be asked for more details about her proposal.

b. Dean Park Centennial Celebration. Sara Goldstein proposed that Dean Park hold a celebration to mark the 100th anniversary of the recording of the Dean’s Park Subdivision platt on May 1, 1920. The Board unanimously agreed to proceed with this idea. Ideas included a celebration event, a commemorative book, publicity.

c. Next meeting. It will be 7 pm, Monday, April 17, at 2721 Rhode Island Avenue.

6. Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Martindale
Temporary Secretary