Present: Caitlin Eck, Sheila Pastor, Ann Martindale, Terry Leary, Jordan Parrott, John Podczerwinsky, Brad McGrath, Artis Henderson
Absent: Anthony D’Andrea
Guests: Michelle Nugent, Drew Nugent, Rick Janis, Penny Janis, City Attorney Terry Cramer, Laurie Starke, Barry Starke, Donna Ellswick

1. Discussion of property at 2610 Providence Street. City Attorney Terry Cramer presented the status of the apartment building property at 2610 Providence Street, which was designated affordable housing under an agreement between the City and the developers of the Oasis PUD. Cramer said he will have a meeting with representatives from Dean Park to explain the legal process. It’s suggested that Ann Martindale and Michelle Nugent be the representatives. Cramer said a meeting will be set up with the owner of the property in order for the community to voice its concerns via the two representatives.

2. Treasurer’s Report. Ann provided the attached Treasurer’s Report. The report showed income of $1,710.00 from 25 donors and expenses of $4,816.74 for the fiscal year starting Sept. 1, 2017 until the present date. The balance in the corporation’s checking account as $2,944.58. Major expenses have been: $2,987.72 for six new Dean Park Historic District signs plus installation and $880.00 to Jessa Green for 50 percent of the website re-design. A new PayPal account will be set-up for the ecommerce function of the website so that house tour tickets and donations can be made through the site.

3. Report of Historic Preservation Commission Representative — Brad McGrath. No report.

4. Update on Dean Park Website — Ann Martindale. Based on input from everyone, Ann has selected a designer named Jessa Green. She has asked for a completion date of February 10 and requested three elements: 1) a clickable map with information on all of the properties in Dean Park, 2) that the website be e-commerce ready for selling home tour tickets and taking donations, 3) that the site be smartphone compatible

5. Old Business.
a. Dean Park signs. John Podczerwinsky presented pictures of the signs in process from the sign company. The company said they will come out and install them this week or next. John will apply for a sign permit from the city. He will use the five existing polls and one recycled poll.

b. House Tour — March 24, 2018. Sheila Pastor announced that the house tour is in progress. A booklet has been made. A letter has gone out to Dean Park residents announcing the tour. The planning committee needs help with publicity, ticket sales, hospitality, soliciting sponsors. The committee would like people to take ownership for cleaning up their own homes. Sheila reminded people that all homes will be on display, and John Pastor suggested that a letter or email be sent to all property owners to let them know that “company’s coming and we need to show a good face.” Michelle Nugent will speak to her daughter’s school about volunteers. Water and pizza should be offered. March 10 from 9-1 was selected as the day and time for the neighborhood cleanup. Sheila will send out a save the date announcement.

c. Status of Proposed Comprehensive Plan & “Advisory Committee”. Donna Ellswick shared that the Comprehensive Plan will be sent to the state February 10. A consultant has been hired by the city who will give a report in April, but the plan is being sent to the state without waiting for the report. There will be a meeting on February 5 at 4:30 p.m. at City Hall where people can speak for 3 minutes, and Donna requests that residents come to make a statement.

d. Community maintenance issues. Donna sent a letter to the city re: storm sewer pumps and stolen diesel fuel. The city wrote back saying the diesel fuel was not stolen. Alley maintenance was discussed.

6. New Business.
a. Bar-B-Q & Blues event. April 14 is decided as the date.

b. Other New Business. Sheila Pastor asked who the rooster belongs to. John said it comes from the other side of Second Street.

7. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Artis Henderson