Present: Donna Ellswick, Caitlyn Eck, Ann Martindale, Jordan Parrott, Sheila Pastor, John Podczerwinsky,
Absent: Anthony D’Andrea, Brad McGrath
Guests: Sari Lesinski, Penny Janis, Rick Janis, Val Yaggi, Rienk Zuidema

1. President’s Welcome. Donna Ellswick called to order the regular meeting of the Dean Park Historic District at 1000 on November 18, 2017 at 2721 Rhode Island Avenue, Fort Myers.

2. Approval of Minutes of April 24, 2017. No action taken.

3. Treasurer’s Report. Ann Martindale submitted the report for the close of fiscal year 2016-2017 as follows: Income was $2,185.39, expenses were $1,271.71 and the checking account balance at the close of the fiscal year (August 31, 2017) was $6051.17. She also reported that the current checking account balance is $5,918.13.

She also reported that the Dean Park website,, had been hacked, which had necessitated expenses related to removal of malware from the site and changing the site host. She requested a motion that these website related expenses and her other expenses to date be ratified. The motion was approved unanimously.

4 Old Business.
a. Report of the Sign Committee. John Podczerwinsky, chair of the Sign Committee, presented the committee’s proposal for the new Dean Park signs, which was design option #8. The signs will be green with white script and a gold outline. A motion was made that the Board approve purchase and installation of the signs at a cost not to exceed $3,000. The motion was approved unanimously.

b. Report of House Tour Committee. Sheila Pastor, co-chair of the House Tour Committee, reported that the House Tour will be held March 24th, 2018 (Palm Sunday Weekend) with a rain date of March 25th, 2018. Thus far there are 7 homes on the house tour and the house tour committee is still looking for any interested homeowners who would like to participate. Ticket price will be $25. A printed booklet will serve as the ticket and the committee is looking for volunteers, possibly from the high schools, to assist.

c. Status of the proposed Comprehensive Plan/Height & Density Regulations. Ann is on the Advisory Committee and attended the November 1, 2018 workshop hosted by the USF Consultant team. Thus far workshops have not been opened to the public. The next workshop will focus on midtown and the push to develop or revitalize midtown.

d. Historic Preservation Regulations & Guidelines. Ann reported that the Historic Preservation Commission will hold a workshop on the proposed Design Guidelines and amendments to historic district regulations in December. The workshop is open to the public. Ann will post the proposed changes on the website. Dean Park will consider assembling a committee to survey the neighborhood as to its wants/needs. The Board will hold an info session on the new code at the Annual Meeting. John and Jordan will develop questions for the December 9th annual meeting.

e. Dean Park Centennial Celebration. Discussion of the Dean Park Centennial Celebration in 2020 is tabled.

5. New Business:
a. Nominating Committee. Donna Ellswick would like to step down. Caitlyn Eck has been asked if she is interested in replacing her as president. Caitlyn is interested and willing but has noted that various other obligations have her stretched a little thin and she would require support from the board.

b. New “lead” for Nextdoor Dean Park. Kerry Bristol would like to step down as lead for NextDoor. Caitlyn Eck has volunteered to take over for her.

c. Triangle Decorations. Triangle Decorations will be put up December 2nd. A budget for new decorations not to exceed $400 was motioned and accepted.

d. Website Upgrade. Ann would like to upgrade our website (potentially hire someone to assist in the upgrade). Ideally it would be optimized for mobile, have an interactive map and have the ability to accept donations and allow customers to purchase house tour tickets through the website.

e. Community Maintenance Issues. There has been quite a bit of illegal dumping in the neighborhood, particularly on vacant lots. Anyone who witnesses illegal dumping should call 9-1-1 if the dumping is in progress. Additionally, the alleys need maintenance and the City needs to be contacted to see who is responsible for that maintenance. This will be brought up at the annual meeting.

f. Little Free Library. Caitlyn Eck would like to present a proposal for a Little Free Library in the Triangle park to the residents at the annual meeting. If there is sufficient interest from neighbors then she will approach the City about the logistics of placing one in the triangle, which is technically a City Park.

g. Triangle Maintenance. Park maintenance is sporadic and Board members stated they would like to see the City take better care of it.

h. Request from Ken Nimmer. Jordan Parrot, speaking at Ken Nimmer’s request, stated that Ken had recently attended a climate change symposium and shared some of Ken’s concerns about the same. It was the consensus of the Board that this issue is outside the scope of the mission of Dean Park Historic District.

i. Next Meeting. Next meeting December 9th at 10 am. Anyone attending is asked to bring their own chair.

6. Adjournment. Donna Ellswick adjourned the meeting.

Minutes submitted by: Caitlyn Eck, Secretary