Dean Park Historic District, Inc.


7 pm, Wednesday, October 6, 2021


Board of Directors:  Caitlin Eck, Donna Ellswick, Artis Henderson, Rick Janis, Terry Leary, Ann Martindale, Michelle Nugent and Sheila Pastor

Present: Paul Barnett, William Burke, Donna Ellswick, Caitie Eck, Cathryn Eck, Gary Eck, Sara Goldstein, Artis Henderson, Ann Martindale, Brian Murphy, Michelle Nugent, Sheila Pastor, Neil Wilkinson, Sara Weber

 Call to Order by the President –Michelle

  1. Approval of Minutes of May 12, 2021 – Approved
  2. President’s Report – Michelle: the first phase of the new trees project has been planted
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Ann:  Expenses for FY Sept. 1, 2020 – Aug. 31, 2021:  $9,600.09, including $4,260 for palms; 1,854.48 for  holiday lights; $1085.95 for kiosk; $565 for walking tour brochure.  Income for FY 2020-2021:  $3,475.00 (donations from 47 donors, including 7 repeat donors).  Funds on hand:   Checking account balance as of 10-5-21:  $772.80;  Savings account balance as of 10-5-21:  $509.35; PayPal account balance as of 10-5-21:  $446.71; Total funds on hand 10-5-21:  $1,728.86.  Conclusion: If we plan to do any big projects for the neighborhood, we’ll need to raise money; for Christmas, no new lights or other new expenses.
  4.  Historic Preservation Commission Representative:  (a)  Gift in honor of Brad McGrath (1959-2021): options include planting a tree in his honor, a bench in the triangle or dedicating the 2022 House Tour to Brad.  (b) Procedure for designation of a new HPC representative: the first step is to see if anyone in the neighborhood is interested; the person would need to be a year-round resident of the neighborhood; the commission prefers that the representative have a background related to historic preservation; Ann will reach out to city officials and have a conversation about the procedure.
  1. Beautification Committee – Paul Barnett:  (a) Update on palm tree project: 50 trees planted at a cost of $4,260.00; it might be a good idea to put a line in the budget for fertilizer for the palms.  (b) Phase 2 of palm tree project: this will require fundraising.  (c) “Adopt a Palm” program – fundraiser: Dean Park will ask people for $100 a tree; two separate letters will go out, a fundraising letter and an adopt-a-tree letter; the program will be brought up at the annual meeting.  (d) Status – New Park on 1.8-acre parcel at Michigan & Seaboard.  (e) Neighborhood maintenance issues (sidewalks, large brush dumpings): Dean Park will send out an email alerting people to the Thursday yard trash pick up policies.
  2. Old Business:  (a) House Tour – currently scheduled for March 19, 2022 – Sheila: Dean Park will delay making a decision until January 1, 2022; the decision will be driven by the homeowners who are on the tour.  (b) Construction project on First and Second Streets.
  3. New Business:  (a) Organization of Neighborhood Watch group for Dean Park: there has been discussion of bringing a Neighborhood Watch program back to Dean Park; the program existed years ago; it’s a good way to establish relationships with our community officers; there have been concerns in the neighborhood with problems between neighbors; our next step on this is to find people interested in chairing the program and starting it up; Dean Park will make it clear that the Neighborhood Watch program is 100% separate from the Dean Park board; Michelle will reach out to Lorna and see about next steps.  (b) City’s conveyance of triangular parcel (98’ by 75’ by 53’) on Providence Street restricted  “for park purposes” to Gary and Cathryn Eck & implications re the “Triangle”:  in July of last year Gary and Cathryn purchased it from the city subject to the restrictions that it be used as a park; at this time they have been deeded the property and their rights have to be respected; the implication of this is that Dean Park needs to make sure the big triangle is protected; the Dean Park board will send out an email to the neighborhood saying that the parcel is now private property.
  4. Proposed vents for 2021-2022 – Artis Henderson:   Dates will be finalized before the annual meeting:

July 4, 2021:                      July 4 Party                                            Organizer – Caitie Eck

November 6, 2021:      Lawn Party                                         Organizer – Artis

December 2021:           Triangle Decorating                        Organizer – Rick Janis

January 2022:                 Progressive Dinner                          Organizer – Michelle

February 2022:              Florida Friendly Landscaping        Organizer – Sara Goldstein

March 19, 2022:            Dean Park House Tour                    Organizer – Sheila Pastor

April 2022:                      BBQ & Blues                                       Organizer – Donna?

10.  Nominating Committee – Officers & Directors for 2021-2022:  Dean Park will send out a news update that includes looking for two new board members; Ann will draft the newsletter; Ann and Sheila will serve as the nominating committee.

11.  Facebook Group:  Sara Weber suggested starting a private Facebook group to facilitate neighborhood conversations; she volunteered to be the moderator of the group.

12.  Set Annual Meeting Date:  Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 7 p.m. via Zoom.

13.  Adjournment