The Dean Park Beautification Committee will be coordinating a Neighborhood Clean-up at a date to be announced (tentatively set for Saturday, November 18, 2023). This clean-up effort will target the public spaces in Dean Park, including the areas along our sidewalks, the 10-foot alley between Michigan and Second, and the 20-foot alley ways between Michigan and Providence and between Providence and Rhode Island.  More details to come.

We hope that Dean Park residents will also contribute to maintaining these public spaces by trimming their plantings that hang over the sidewalks along their homes and by maintaining the alley directly in back of their homes.  The alleys in Dean Park Historic District were never formally conveyed to the City in a deed from John Morgan Dean or any of his companies.  But because these alleys are shown on the 1920 map of “Dean’s Subdivision, they are public rights-of-way and all residents of Dean Park have a right to use the full width of these alleys for access to and from their homes, garages and “garage apartments.”  No part of the alleys can be used for parking, storage of accumulation of debris..  Thanks for your help with this!

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